Buyers are able to inspect seafood before making bids or purchases. The Exchange’s computerized refrigeration system constantly maintains products at the proper holding temperature. Our buyers rely on the Exchange for a regular supply of high quality products, immediate shipping, and customer account management.

The auction is facilitated by a computerized, real-time and on-line Internet auction. Off-loading is conducted using the latest bar-code and scanning technology. Every container of seafood is tagged with boat name, unload date, weight and species/cull information. Buyers have the ability to purchase as many or as few products as desired. Products are segmented from one to 1,200 pound lots depending on the size of the vessel’s catch.

The Exchange shipping department manages each buyer order to ensure purchases are expedited to their destinations. Customers have use of our extensive shipping facilities and are free to arrange for transportation of their choice. Prompt distribution of products allows buyers same day processing or resale for maximum quality.

Buyers benefit from Exchange financial services, including favorable credit terms and use of product containers. Additional product services such as icing, boxing, and temporary product storage, are also available from the Exchange.

  • All-display Facility - Ability to view products before bid and purchase.

  • Financial Services - 14-day credit terms (within qualified amounts).

  • Shipping - Products are expedited from our shipping area for same day processing or resale.

  • Product Services - Re-Icing, boxing, short & long-term warehousing.

  • Purchase Flexibility - No minimum or maximum quantity purchase limits.

  • Totes and pallets - Use of tote and pallets (21 day terms).

Exchange buyers represent New England's strongest,  most reputable seafood  dealers and processors. To see a list of our current buyers, click here.

To become a buyer on the Exchange, a firm must:

  • Submit an application with a $250 administrative fee for either a fish or shellfish seat (refundable if not accepted).

  • Provide a minimum $15,000 irrevocable letter of credit.

For more information on buying at the Exchange, please contact us.