The Exchange provides a fair and open marketplace where sellers maintain control of their products up to the point of final sale on the auction floor.  As an impartial third party, the Exchange offers customers the highest level of service and integrity. The Exchange provides critical tasks of weighing, grading, selling, and servicing of financial accounts.

Sellers have the option to refuse auction bid prices. When a bid is refused, the seller may ship products to another marketplace, or elect to hold the product for the following day’s auction for re-sale.

Sellers at the Exchange are berthed in Portland, throughout coastal Maine and New Hampshire. Fish and seafood products are commonly landed in ports other that Portland and shipped to the Exchange via ground transportation. The Portland Fish Exchange handles over 90% of Maine’s  total catch of regulated multispecies groundfish each year. 

Benefits of selling at the Exchange include:

  • Published cull standards with 95% accuracy guarantee

  • Published tare percentage: 3%

  • Published, verifiable service fees

  • Published, transparent auction prices

  • Payment within 24 hours via check - automated clearinghouse - wired funds

  • Payment 100% guaranteed via irrevocable letter of credit

  • 24 hour product surveillance

  • Active seller representation for market price protection

  • Strict regulatory compliance to protect your permit & fish

  • Convenient, low-cost deepwater berthing with parking

  • On-site gear yard

To register as an Exchange seller, fill out a seller authorization form and return to us.

Need a Maine state landing license?  Download a commercial harvesting application from the Maine Department of Marine Resources web site. The Exchange will arrange for payment to be deducted from your settlement and sent to the State along with your application.